• There are some tips about logging in here that may help, before you move to resetting your password.
  • For security reasons, you cannot reset a password to be the same as one you’ve previously used!

Password issues usually fit into two categories:

The original invite email for a teacher has got trapped in a spam filter.
Thus they don’t have a password and can’t use the email password reset mentioned below.
An ADMIN must reset the Teacher’s password as per this support doc.

A student or teacher has forgotten their password.

There are three options for resetting passwords:

  1. an email reset for an Admin, teacher or student password
  2. for student passwords only, having a Teacher or Admin reset the password
  3. for teacher passwords only, having an Admin reset the password.

NOTE: if an ADMIN has lost their password and can’t use an email reset, they must contact us.

Email Reset

IMPORTANT: If you follow these instructions and the email doesn’t arrive, please check your SPAM or JUNK folder!

1. Head to

2. Click on Log In:

Log In

3. Click on “I’ve lost my password”

Lost Password Link

4. Enter the email address, then click “Send me the password reset link”.

Lost Password Entry

A password reset link will be sent. Check your spam/junk folder if you don’t receive the email.

Set the Password

1. To set a password for a student, log in as a Teacher or Admin:

2. Navigate to Student Groups:

Student Groups

3. Click on the Student Group that contains the student whose password you wish to reset:

Student Group Choice

4. Locate the student in the list and click on View Details┬áto the right of that student’s info:

View Details

5. On the page with all the Student details, scroll down to the blue CHANGE PASSWORD button and click it:

Change Password Button

6. Enter the new password and click Change Password.

NOTE: Student passwords are 6 or more characters, with at least one non-letter.
Also, you cannot re-use a password this student has used before.

Change Password Modal

The student should be able to log in now with their new password.