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On February 14th 2022, Wordchain for Web went live.

It features the same engaging and effective interactive gameplay as the apps, but users are able to access Wordchain in a web browser on most devices: Windows and Mac laptops & desktops, Chromebooks, and more.( iPads , mobile IOS, are presenting great challenges, the games run on them, but loading the game is tortuous. These are hoops Apple has set up to coerce us into making use of their APP approach.) Phones have such tiny screens that much context is lost.iPAD HELP iPAD HELP

Wordchain for Web is offered under a subscription model where each student has a licence, and each licence preserves their progress automatically, no matter which device they are currently working from.

A student is allocated any one of the games. Later that game can be changed by their teacher without the need for a new licence