Why Wordchain?

Wordchain uses a New Zealand accent

The pronunciation of words matches the sounds in the student’s head.

Wordchain is much more than phonics

Wordchain is about manipulating sounds, not just pulling words apart. Manipulation is a key skill in finding the patterns in language.

“… training in  phonemic segmentation appears to have little impact on reading… whereas training in phonemic manipulation has a substantial long-term impact on reading.”

David Kilpatrick (2015): Essentials of Assessing, Preventing and Overcoming Reading Difficulties. pp 155 -156

Wordchain delivers the sheer volume of practice required

It is one thing to know the phonics patterns, quite another to think in this way instinctively, automatically and unconsciously. This automatic process only occurs with sufficient practice.

Wordchain does so in a fun and engaging way that keeps students engaged and building their skills.

Wordchain delivers the scope required

The Wordchain suite takes students progressively from the simplest to the most complex aspects of English orthography.

Students will move from “cat”, “get” and “hot” in Wordchain 1, through to “exhausted”, “cloister” and “splotchy” in Wordchain 4.

Wordchain 5 (coming soon) takes them further with deceitful, musician, syllabus, typhoid, intermediary, miraculous, unrelieved… and hundreds of other advanced words!

Wordchain is affordable

Wordchain for Web has been priced to be as low as $6 for a 6-month subscription. Our goal is to make the path to reading comprehension open to as many students as possible, not just those struggling the most.

Current 2024 price schedule 

Wordchain Price guide 2024