Decodable Books

Agility With Sound Books

Wordchain develops the foundation skills known to underlie successful reading and spelling, with the many hours of practice that so many students need.

The Agility with Sound programme builds on these skills, with 136 sequenced decodable readers that directly follow Wordchain. These books are all written for older students, Year 4 and upwards, with many suitable for intermediate and secondary students.

They look like books for older students, with themes that appeal to them. They are one of a tiny handful recommended for older students by The Reading League in New York, an alliance of the world’s foremost reading scientists.

The books are decodable, using words and structures that students have learnt to process in Wordchain. There is a heavy emphasis on comprehension, with every book scripted for comprehension strategies in the accompanying manual. All have a follow-up activity designed to build comprehension, and in most cases writing skills as well.

The books relate to Wordchain as follows (with links to the books on the Agility with Sound website):

Wordchain 1 – first six levels: Level 1 books and resources
Wordchain 1 – next levels: Level 2 books and resources
Wordchain 2 – early part: Level 3 books and resources
Wordchain 2 – first half: Level 4 books and resources
Wordchain 2 – second half: Level 5 books and resources
Wordchain 3 – Level 6 books and resources
Wordchain 4 – Level 7 books and resources
Wordchain 5 (currently being developed) – Level 8 books – 3 titles only