Here’s some delightful feedback from educators, parents and kids.

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When children begin using this app you might hear comments like:

“Now I get it!”
“So that’s what gun looks like,” and
“Can we play the penguin game?”

Wordchain, while appearing simple, makes how to crack the code easier for the kids who use it. It instructs in a structured and systematic way, providing immediate constructive feedback and repetition to reinforce, just like the experts recommend.

Sue McMillan
Resource Teacher of Literacy

I work daily with children who are ‘Well Below’ in literacy. The biggest problem I have with Wordchain is getting them off it! They love it.

Having a kiwi accent really helps and I found it perfect for my kids because I could target their weak areas e.g. a/u confusion. I have used it with children from 6-10 and they love it.

This would be great to use at home to help build sound letter knowledge, knowledge of word families and build spelling skills.

Bronwyn Fennessy
Resource Teacher of Literacy

WordChain 1 is very good for students working at the most basic level who have persistent decoding issues and need frequent repetitions to give the connection between sound and letter combinations. It provides a structured approach to learning that means they get a sense of progress and tackle one decoding task at a time.

The children I have worked with have found WordChain engaging and motivating as they move through the levels; this includes older students.

Kathy Boyland
HOD Learning Support
Rangiora High School

I have found Wordchain particularly useful to use with students who have poor phonological awareness and have not yet developed an understanding of the alphabetic principle.

Some students benefit from being able to ‘check’ the sound of the letter/digraph by touching it before deciding which letters are needed for the word they are making and this helps them to develop the letter-sound knowledge.

The children I have worked with have found Wordchain engaging and motivating as they move through the levels; this includes older students (year 5 & 6).

Jo Anderson
Resource Teacher of Literacy
Central Canterbury