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As of February 2022, Wordchain for Web is live- see Wordchain News below.

If you (or your student’s school) has already signed up, seeHow to Log In“.

The Wordchain apps only run on iOS and Android devices, as a one-off purchase, and save user progress to the device they’re used on. User progress isn’t shared to other devices.

Wordchain for Web features the same engaging and effective interactive gameplay as the apps, but users will be able to access Wordchain in a web browser on most devices: Windows and Mac laptops & desktops, iPads, Chromebooks, phones and more.

It will allow them to save their progress across any of those devices. A student could, for instance, log in on an iPad at school, later work in the library on a Chromebook, and then continue at home on a Windows desktop or a Macbook.

Wordchain for Web uses a browser-based admin platform to allow educators or parents to monitor progress, set recommended levels and other preferences, and group students.

Wordchain for Web is offered under a subscription model, which allows for a lower entry price than the app purchases.

Wordchain For Web Logo 2000px

IMPORTANT NOTE: 2013 iPads (and earlier)

Wordchain for Web is not currently supported on 2013 and earlier iPads, like the iPad Mini 2 and the original iPad Air.

Apple discontinued these models in 2017, and since 2019 has only offered security updates to iOS 12.5.5 (the highest iOS these iPads support – as of 28th March 2022, the latest iOS for newer iPads is 15.4)

If you wish to test your device, try one of the demos here: play.wordchain.co.nz/games/

Wordchain for Web Pricing

Note: We have a school pricing calculator here.

This is the pricing structure for 6-month licenses:

Private Tutors, Parents and Caregivers: $15 per license.

Schools, RTLBs and RTLits can purchase in bulk to make licenses either $10 or $5 per license.

The bulk pricing breakpoints are based on the school roll (so as not to disadvantage schools with smaller rolls).

This table shows the number of licenses required to move from $15 per license to $10, or to $5.

RTLBs and RTLits are considered to fit in the “<100” category.

Roll $10 Breakpoint $5 Breakpoint
<100 5 20
100-249 15 60
250-499 30 120
500+ 50 200

Important notes about bulk license breakpoints.

We looked at various pricing models and decided to go with simple bulk breakpoints.

However, there are quantities where it makes more sense to jump to the next breakpoint.


A school with a roll of 300 has breakpoints of 30 and 60 licenses (250-499 roll category).

If this school wants 20 or more licenses, it should order 30.
The pricing is the same: 20*$15 = 30*10

If it wants 60 or more, it should order 120.
The pricing is the same: 60*$10 = 120*$5

We encourage this: we’re excited to get Wordchain in front of as many readers and spellers as possible.

We have a school pricing calculator here which helps with working out the best option for your school.

Wordchain news – March 31, 2022

Wordchain for Web has now been live since February at play.wordchain.co.nz

In that time, we’ve been delighted by the uptake! We’ve also had some insightful requests for additional features that will make it even better.

If you have a feature request, a suggestion or any sort of feedback, please: