Wordchain For Web

As of October 2021, Wordchain for Web is in final testing stages- see Wordchain News below.

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The Wordchain apps only run on iOS and Android devices, as a one-off purchase, and save user progress to the device they’re used on. User progress isn’t shared to other devices.

Wordchain for Web features the same engaging and effective interactive gameplay as the apps, but users will be able to access Wordchain in a web browser on most devices: Windows and Mac laptops & desktops, iPads, Chromebooks, phones and more.

It will allow them to save their progress across any of those devices. A student could, for instance, log in on an iPad at school, later work in the library on a Chromebook, and then continue at home on a Windows desktop or a Macbook.

Wordchain For Web Logo 2000px

Wordchain for Web will use a browser-based admin platform to allow educators or parents to monitor progress, set recommended levels and other preferences, and group students.

Wordchain for Web will be offered under a cheaper subscription model, rather than a more expensive one-off purchase.

Wordchain news – October 1st 2021

We were hoping that by the end of September we would be through the final testing stages of Wordchain for Web, the browser-based subscription version of Wordchain, but it’s taking a little longer.

Still, it’s important to us that we have it working as seamlessly as possible, so we’re pushing on with testing during the school holidays and aiming to release it as soon as we can.

Wordchain for Web will allow users to access Wordchain in a browser on most internet-connected devices – iPads, Chromebooks, Windows and Mac desktops, phones etc. A student could, for instance, work on a Chromebook at school and then continue on a desktop PC at home or an iPad at a friend’s house.

The apps will remain available for those that prefer a single payment rather than a subscription, or where internet connectivity is an issue, but we’re thrilled about how Wordchain for Web will make Wordchain accessible to far more users, at a lower-priced entry point.

If you’re interested in more detail or pricing for Wordchain for Web: