To give positive feedback to students, they are given a rank. It starts as “Novice”:

Rank Novice

Partway through their first chain, after they’ve done a few words, they will get an animation and be told they’ve moved up to “Rookie”.

A few more words after that they become a “Wordchain Apprentice”:

Rank Up

As they level up, each new level will require a greater number of words to complete. After Apprentice, the ranks are:

Ninja -> Ronin -> Samurai -> Daimyo -> Shogun -> Velociraptor -> T-Rex -> Shakespeare -> Savant -> Einstein

… and when they move past Einstein, they beome a “Super Ninja”, then a “Super Ronin”… all the way to “Super Einstein”.

After that, it’s “Mega Ninja”, then a “Mega Ronin”… and on to “Mega Einstein”.

And finally, “Ultra Ninja”, then “Ultra Ronin”… up to “Ultra Einstein”.

If they manage to go up one more rank, they’ll become a “Total Wordchain Legend”. There is no higher rank!

As a Teacher or Admin, you will be able to see each Student’s rank in the Student Group Listing: 

Student Ranks

It will give a general sense of the student’s progress in Wordchain: the higher their rank, the more words they’ve transformed.